Build Your Brand

Brand ? My brand? What shall I do with a brand? These may be questions fleeting through your mind when you see the title. Well, we all have a brand. The term brand, when applied in respect of a person means the social perception of a person. It is the image that floats in our mind about a person when his name is mentioned.A person’s character, ethics, reliability, smartness, trustworthiness, strength, weaknesses everything is combined in his personal image as perceived by the society.This image ,as we call it Brand, plays a vital role in our life. It is therefore very important to carefully build one’s Brand. But before we proceed further, let me share a story narrated by the eminent speaker and consultant Mr. Shiv Khera.

The story somewhat runs like this :

There was an old man in a small town who used to sell gas balloons in the parks.He had red, white, blue and yellow balloons for sale. When his business would be dull, he would let go one balloon in the sky. Children in a park would flock around the man when they watched the balloon go up in the air and buy balloons from him. His business would soar , the message is clear again.One day the man felt someone tugging his jacket from his back. The man saw a kid looking at his face curiously. The boy asked him if he released a black balloon if it would also go up in the air? The man smiled at the boy and told him, ” My child sure, it will fly.It not the colour of the balloon, but what is inside that matters.”,

I hope the message is clear, even then I would stress the point; Content is more important than packaging. This applies to humans as well.Virtues, Character, Personality, skill set, smartness and people skill, matter more than a person’s background and appearance. History carries a lot of instances to justify this assumption. I am not undermining the impact of appearance but it is of little importance if the content is worthless. This blog is all about the process of promoting the personal worth as well as finishing; the complete Brand Image. Come, follow us and build a strong Brand for yourself.

Before we proceed, I would ask you a simple question, how do you think some our brand or image influence our performance and to what extent?

Answer is, a hooping 60% if not more. Our race in life depend on this sprint block. In our daily interaction with people, what are the main criteria that play at the back of our mind? Aren’t these our perception of the man we are dealing with? Is the person honest?Is he reliable? Can I trust him? Will he cheat me? I am sure your answer is an absolute Yes. Possibility is. that you will not take any instant decision in making a deal with a person with a dubious public image. You will check every aspect of his proposal and finally discard the deal if there is any doubt after scrutiny. On the other hand, if the image of the person is that of an honest, trustworthy and reliable chances of his clinching the deal is high. Whether it is securing a job or clinching a deal ,one’s brand image.

In every sphere of life, your brand image matters. It either propels you forward or drags you backward.If you want to make a kick-start in life and achieve your goal, you have to carefully build a brand for yourself. This will provide you the right Sprint block to set forth in life.

This is why Corporates spend Millions of dollars in advertising to build a Brand which popularises their products, boost sales and profit, they grow bigger and bigger. Prices of their shares soar and net worth mounts. This is also valid in case of Individuals. However ,individuals have to build their brand in a different way. They are required to carefully and painstakingly cultivate the attributes that constitute one’s personal image.

Well, but how and where does one start?

Don’t worry, we are there to guide you. before we begin our journey, it is important to understand the making of  an individual’s brand.An individual’s image has two components.

One, that we see externally :

  • How he carries himself
  • His demeanour
  • Temperament
  • Nature

The others which are invisible to the eye :

  • Attitude
  • Character
  • Values
  • Integrity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Leadership qualities
  • Ability to sustain stress
  • Ability to remain cool in a crisis situation and so on.

So friends ,let’s get down to work; from now on  start cultivating the attributes that constitute a positive and strong brand for yourself.We shall try to show how  one should proceed on this journey ,step by step. 

We shall dwell on each of these attributes one by one or in a cluster in subsequent episodes. Stay with us till then.