Health Care support

Health Care is vital at this phase of life. For convenience we shall split this issue into various elements viz.

Medical treatment for physical or mental ailments;
Support in medical emergencies and timely hospitalisation ( vital for those living away from children) ;
Para-medical services like physiotherapy, post operation rehabilitation, nursing etc. at home.

Besides, there are a few non medial services needed for elderly people for running their household, particularly for those living away from their children. These are:

Escort service for physically disabled persons in outdoor activities e.g. support during travelling ,accompanying during social visit etc. Handy man for Shopping, withdrawal of cash /depositing cheques in banks, paying utility bills etc. Various other odd jobs

Let us start from physical ailments. We all know prevention is better than cure. We can minimise our worries if we lead a disciplined life from young age which means:

Eating balanced food timely. Eat fruits and drink sufficient water , Exercising regularly ( gym/ running/ yoga ), Sleeping well( at least 7to 8 hours a day), Strictly avoid drugs , smoking all tobacco products , Avoid rich, oily and spicy food, Say NO to soft drinks and sweets as much as possible to fight against obesity.

 If we lead a disciplined life, as above, we can expect to live a comfortable and healthier life in old age, than those who do not.

Unfortunately, due to various compulsions it may not be possible to maintain such a disciplined regime for everybody. Besides whatever we may try, human body compulsively need maintenances as it gets old.

Treatment involving Hospitalisation:

In the current scenario, Public Health Care facilities fall ridiculously short of the requirement, particularly in developing economies including India. The Private Hospitals on the other hand are hugely expensive. In this context, the only way out is to buy a suitably Health Insurance   Policy before attaining the age of 50 if not done earlier. I would suggest that while choosing a Health Insurance Policy, one should carefully read the list of the ailments not covered by the policy. Some comparatively less expensive policies exclude certain diseases like kidney stones, diabetes etc. from its coverage. Better avoid these policies.

In home elder care service:

These days for all other health care support, as mentioned at the very outset of this chapter, one can hire professional services from competent service providers. At least in all big cities and suburbs quite a number of competent   care service providers   are available who provide a host of care services at home. I personally avail of these services and am quite satisfied. You can choose any one of these care providers according to your need and liking.

Services available include among other:

Periodic health check-up at home to cover Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar measurement, and routine blood test.
Arrange Pathological examination including sample collection and report delivery,
Providing a regular check up by a General Physician, arranging check up by a Specialist Physician at home, as and when required.
Emergency service in hospitalisation even when family members are not at home or even out of station.
Assisting in rehabilitation of patients post hospitalisation.
Providing physiotherapy, Psychological counselling.
Providing companionship for lonely members living alone.
Supplying hospital equipment on rental if necessary.

Luckily, these services are affordable and the service package can be customised to suit customer’s requirement.

Incidentally, before finalising a service contract it is advisable to discretely enquire about the performance of the agency under consideration, from other clients serviced by the agency.