Old Age Homes

Well friends, there is still an emerging trend that remains to be touched: the opportunity to take refuge in an Old Age Home. For some, it is an option for others it is a compulsion.

This discussion will remain incomplete if we overlook a situation when an elderly person or an elderly couple are not able to run their own household or want to avoid the hassle of running a household. There is another situation where they have to live far away from their children who cannot help their parents in any emergency. These people feel secured when they live under the management of an organised set-up equipped to mobilise necessary resources to take care of the day-to-day needs ofelderly people and also handle any emergency situation for the inmates. In such circumstances people can look for an Old Age Home of their choice and budget. There are a wide range of such facilities available, starting from those who offer very basic amenities; others offer five star facilities to replicate posh living. Choice is yours. If you search in the net you will find those which are worth considering. One suggestion, do not just get carried away by the contents of the web sites. To avoid any future disappointment one must visit the Homes and also study the fine prints in the membership contract before signing one.

This much for the time being. We shall discuss various other issues related to the topic in details in subsequent episodes.

Fighting Loneliness and the feeling of being redundant:

Post retirement many suffer from a feeling of redundancy This is more imagined than real. While active in making a living ,we don’t observe that our surroundings have also changed a lot. Children have grown up. They are not looking up for any support any more. They have got married and now busy in raising their own family. Some might have migrate to a   faraway place for a living. Daughters have moved to in-law’s place after marriage. Husband and wife are left  behind. I can tell from personal experience that after both my daughters were given to marriage in quick succession , my wife was so upset that she had to struggle hard, to come out of a state of depression. Whereas myself, still busy with my occupational workload, survived that shock of loneliness at that phase but felt the void after I retired .

I shall share the recipe of our escape route, worked out ourselves that worked miracles. Not only that we could overcome the pressure of void in our life and loneliness , we began to live the final phase of life in a grand style.

My wife took to gardening. She would be assisted by a trained gardener from the Horticultural Garden of  India located in Kolkata. She got busy in growing and tending to some rare species of plants , succulents and orchids indoors and outdoors. Soon enough there were admirers, in all praise  of her garden. Words of mouth spread in the neighbourhood and people started visiting us to see her handiwork. She was in seventh heaven. Her loneliness disappeared and she was now a very happy person baking in the glow of her new acquired skill and appreciation.

As for myself, I engaged myself what I could do best; online consultancy .Reading was my passion all along. I have plenty of time to read now. My habit is to read more than one book at a time.  Being a person with interest in diverse subjects, my appetite for reading never dies. This helps me to keep abreast of developments in different fields.  This habit has paid me back in doing what I do these days: mentoring. Thus I took to writing blogs  and also run a web site.

I can go on to elaborate on this topic. However this much is enough to illustrate how a house wife and a busy professional managed to fill up the void created after they were relieved from their previous routine. With some imagination and efforts, we were on way to enjoy a blissful life again.

Now I shall sum up this and try to present the message in bullet points as follows”

  • Have a financial plan early in life (immediately after getting an employment)in consultation with a professional Finance Planner
  • Make saving a habit. Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is available after saving.
  • Get a comprehensive Health Insurance Plan. Don’t forget to include your parents.
  • Lead a disciplined life. Eat healthy. Exercise regularly .Sleep well.
  • Before retirement have a plan to keep you happily engaged in this phase of life. It is very important to start something you like doing,
  • At some stage you may need to hire a Professional Elder Care Agency to assist and support you in activities, you are not able to manage by yourself. You can locate these agencies by surfing internet.
  • When these support systems are not enough for your need you can think of Old Age Homes if that suits you. Most of these homes are not equipped or prepared to accept or retain inmates when they are completely bed ridden or severely ill.

Thank you for your patience to be with me till end. You can contact us for any clarification, information or assistance. This section of the site will take up all the topics mentioned in this blog, separately,   in due course.