Our Vision

Let me be frank, friends, we do not produce any commodity. What we have are some ideas. Ideas that are Game Changers. We have the Passwords to achieve a happy and satisfying life. Trust me we have. You just have to have the patience to follow us.

Our Mission

To assist our readers in living a life that they will enjoy …..a holistic living we call it. Let us address these questions to fulfil our mission.

What is Happiness?

Do you have the Password for a Happy Life?

Where to look for it?

You are there, Friends. Promise, you will get your answers here. Stay with us.

The first insight :

Happiness is not a product of our circumstances like status, health, wealth and accomplishments; it is actually a choice propelled by our attitude.

Does this concept sound absurd? Please wait till you hear these couple of anecdotes.

Once I was at a birthday party of a six-year-old lovely girl, daughter of a friend of mine. The party was arranged at the 15th floor swanky apartment of my friend at a posh housing complex in the south Kolkata.Guests had already arrived in the daintily decorated hall, a fine handy work of a reputed event management party. A magician was there to entertain the guests. He was getting ready for his acts. Children flocked to the birthday baby who was busy unwrapping the gifts she had received. Everything was fine up to this point.Suddenly a shrill cry tore the festive ambience apart. it was the birthday baby who was upset.What followed is worse. A missile landed on the gorgeous flower vase in front of the birthday cake, smashing the vase and the cake in succession. The flower vase landed on the floor with a big thud to scare everybody present there and of course, was shattered. Now, what was the issue? Who had the tantrum? Well, well it was none other than the birthday child. She was furious because the Barbie doll her father gifted her did not match in size and specification she had asked for. What a shame, indeed! How the father of a pampered child dares to ill-treat her child like this!The flashy Birthday Party celebration arranged at a fabulous cost was in vain!What is your take on the incident? Please wait till you hear what comes next.

This is the second anecdote I am going to present to make my point. At one point in time my family used to live in a house in south Kolkata; then known as Calcutta. Every day I came out of my home to catch a bus to my destination, I used to pass by a pavement where a street-dwelling family used to live. The family comprised of 6 members; a man, a woman and four children.Later I came to know that the youngest of them was an adopted child.The head of the family had found this kid near a garbage bin. It was a newborn left behind by a hapless mother, who didn’t have the courage to own it or the means to raise it.This piece of information was narrated to me by the Officer in Charge of Tollygunge Police Station much later when I took initiative to get this man released from police custody when he was held on charges of being an accomplice to a theft case.That is another story not relevant to the point I want to make.

Let me revert to the main story. Both the adult members of the family, that is the man and his wife would set forth in the morning to pursue their livelihood; the man used to work as a labourer in a nearby construction site and his wife was a ragpicker. The children had the entire day for them to play around. They enjoyed and cheerfully ran about in endless joy with whatever limited resources they had. All they had for playing were a rubber ball picked up from a garbage bin and also discarded cricket stump which supplemented for a cricket bat. Occasionally, they were also seen trying to fly a kite also picked up from the street.But their joy knew no bounds.These children were very happy having nothing to be proud of. They hardly could have two square meals. Still, they were very happy. The head of the family had a large heart that he even adopted a child without bothering for his meagre means.

Now tell me what makes us happy? Health, wealth, attainments? What is it? The answer is simple and straight; it is our attitude; nothing else, I repeat nothing else.