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Hope you are all healthy and fit.If so, you have to stay that way.If you have health issues, you better consult a doctor. Don’t ignore it. In whichever category you may belong, you have to follow a healthy lifestyle, without fail.

Take it from me, friends no matter who you are or what you are, you have to be healthy to enjoy life.  You may be a billionaire, a  celebrity or even a Head of State, if you are in poor health, it can squeeze out the last drop of the joy of living. You will be left out of the celebration of life.

So what to do? One positive solution is to Join Mentor Calling Health Club and follow the blogs meticulously. We guarantee you results provided of course you are serious about staying fit and healthy, which probably you are, otherwise, you would not be reading this page. You ought to be disciplined enough to do what is needed to remain fit and healthy.

In this age of the internet, there is an explosion of information on healthcare and fitness, floating around. Unfortunately, a large bulk of this information is carefully designed publicity material to promote some product or service. One has to be careful not to be trapped by those. For example, one has to be cautious about the near impossible assurances of weight loss or unfounded claims by health drink producers.

Let us start with the basics. There is the golden rule of two sets of three:

To do and To Avoid.

First  To Do List:

Eat Healthily

Exercise Regularly

Sleep Well

Next, To Avoid List:

Smoking, Drinking, and Drugs

Junk food and aerated soft drinks

Irregular lifestyle

Did I see you chuckle?

I am not surprised.  I know what you are thinking, “What is so special about it? ” Perfect, but tell me how many of you really believe in them and follow this regime.  I also know that there is nothing new in what I have said here but it remains to convince you all and establish the validity of these rules. This I shall do progressively in the forthcoming episodes.

For the present, we shall take up a very basic issue.It is water for healthy living.

Water the Lifesaver

I shall present some startling statistics. Did you know that human brain is made up of 95% water, blood has 82% and lungs 90%.Water accounts for 62% of our body mass by weight.As little as 2% deficiency  can manifest   in a number of disorders, such as:

  • Loss of short memory
  • Difficulty in reading small prints
  • Difficulty in doing simple calculations
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle cramp
  • Itching of the eyes and a lot many
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Heart palpitation
  • Lightheartedness ( particularly when standing)

Advanced stage of dehydration leads to death if not treated in time.

The human body cannot function properly without sufficient water intake. It is essential for our body metabolism.Water is responsible mainly for the following functions:

Water serves as a lubricant

 Helps digestion of food

Water in saliva helps  chewing, swallowing and transmission of food down the digestive system (oesophagus)

Lubricates all joints and cartilages and allows them to flex and move without friction. Perpetually dehydrated body is likely to develop arthritis or even worse; may cause injuries.

Water also regulates our body temperature.Through perspiration, it prevents overheating of the human body. In cold weather, on the other hand, proper body temperature is maintained by circulating the blood away from the exterior surface and thus conserving heat. Besides, The movement of water in our body cells transport blood plasma which plays a critical role in buffering body’s pH level and circulating antibodies from the immune system and regulate osmotic balance.This process helps to maintain our body temperature.

Now that we know water is essential to living a healthy life we have to learn, how much water is sufficient to keep us healthy.

This issue is a bit tricky. It depends on various factors. Main considerations are:

Weather conditions,

Lifestyle, occupation, physical activities, time spent out in the sun

Body weight

Other medical conditions

So the requirement of water varies from person to person.Athletes, sportspersons, people engaged in strenuous physical labour or those living in a hot climate will need to drink more water than others.Conversely, those living in cold countries or who work in AC environment, not involved in physically strenuous work, not much exposed to the sun will need to drink less water to remain healthy. This is the general rule. There could be certain medical conditions which require of regulating water intake. Such regulation is always indicated by the treating physician, which is to be followed meticulously.

Unfortunately, our body metabolism does not automatically replenish the loss of fluids due to perspiration. urination.It needs an intake of water.When people are partially dehydrated they often fail to recognise the early indications listed out at the beginning of this write-up. Research indicates that nearly 68%  of Americans move about with 2% dehydration.So be careful to notice the early indications. The problem is that our body does not raise any alarm when dehydration sets in. We feel thirsty at a very late stage of dehydration.That way thirst is a poor indicator of dehydration and you should not wait for it to alert you. One should drink water at regular intervals throughout the day.

To sum up the topic  specialists recommend a normal adult person (  without any ailment) to  follow the following routine :

  • Drink water at regular intervals,
  • Drink  twice the quantity of water that quenches your thirst,
  • Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to make it 3to 4 litres a day.

That’s all for this episode. Drink pure water and stay healthy.